Tom Tainted’s 2023 Musical Journey: Highlights, Favorites, and Inspirations

As we step into 2024, we catch up with DJ/Producer Tom Tainted for a rapid-fire look back at the year that was. In this quick interview, Tom shares his favorite track, his favorite festival experience, and personal highlights from the past year; get ready to dive into the memorable moments and inspirations that fueled his creative journey in 2023, all in Tom’s own words. 

What was your favorite track or release of your own from 2023, and why? 

‘Beauty Of The Glen’, because it’s a little different from my other releases and I tend to like my latest releases more than the older ones. 

Name one festival or event you performed at, or attended in 2023 that left you in awe of the crowd’s energy. 

I visited Luminosity Beach Festival which was simply awesome. 

Which collaboration with another artist in 2023 stands out as a personal highlight? 

“Things” which I did together with DJ Paize. It even got featured in the German FAZEMAG print magazine. 

Can you share a memorable moment from a fan interaction or message you received in the past year? 

I got asked to play as a surprise act at someone’s wedding. 

What’s the most played song in your personal music library from 2023 that wasn’t your own? 

08 Orbit – Aurora 

Tell us about a unique or unexpected source of inspiration that fueled your creativity in 2023. 

Hiking in the Scottish Highlands. 

Name one piece of gear or software you couldn’t live without in the studio last year. 

U-He Diva. 

Share a favorite memory from a behind-the-scenes moment while touring or producing in 2023. 

Meeting friends in person at ADE that I only knew online before, like Will Darling from EDM Tips. 

What’s the most meaningful lesson or takeaway you gained from your experiences in the music industry last year? 

Be patient and rely on yourself. 

If you could sum up the essence of your musical journey in 2023 in just three words, what would they be? 


We wrap up by thanking Tom Tainted for his time sharing a deeper look into 2023 with us, we hope new milestones and powerful music awaits him in the coming year, as he gets ready to share new productions and projects with his fans and followers. Make sure to follow him to remain updated on his latest releases and news. 

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