Interview Martin Eyerer

New release on Still Hot Berlin out today, Martin Eyerer – Walk the Talk

1. Recently you were invited to talk at YPO Winter and talked about the disruption and the future of the record Industry. Can you tell us about your position in the future of the electronic music industry?

I am cofounder and CEO of Riversidestudios Berlin. We operate 27 music and creative studios and an ecosystem around music and media production. In my role I always have to think further where the industry develops and that’s what I constantly do. We have seen such a change in the last decades and we will definitely see faster changes in the coming years. I am always interested in new technologies and the impact they have on the whole scene. I am not only personally curious and interested in these developments but I also need to make sure that we as Riversidestudios will also be successful in the future.

2. How much time and what does electronic music mean for you, now after more than 35 years of djing? 

I still love the aspects it brings to my life. Being a dj is what I do since I am 16 years old and I guess it’s the thing I love most when it comes to creativity. The other aspect is being an electronic producer and musician what gives me still some balance in m life. Meanwhile I run many other projects but I definitely need to sit frequently in my studio and make new music. I guess this will never change. Whenever I hear the first bassdrum I am on 

Listen to the Full Premiere of Walk the Talk

3. What can you tell about your process of producing the latest release on still hot Berlin, Walk the Talk?

There was a phase I didn’t do too much music that took some time. It was in 35 years the first time I had a really longer break from being in my studio. Last December I suddenly got back and spent days and days in production and also new collabs with other artists. Walk the talk was one of the first tracks I finished and making these two tracks threw me back into a very creative and productive phase. 

4. Who were your heroes when you started getting into this music?

I never had really heroes but I always respected certain artists. How I got into electronic music was in 1989 on my very first trip to Ibiza. There was a lot of UK progressive house and even as I was before already into the acid house phase we had, it finally did something to me. I returned and decided not to play mixed music any more. I wanted to be a protagonist in this new rising electronic scene.

The djs I respected those days for their story telling sets where Laurent Garnier and Josh Wink.

5. Is there an old track that you always keep in your bag and play whenever you have the occasion?

Not really one specific but I have always a couple of old tracks with me I sometimes drop. I like the old techno stuff like Dave Clarks red series or Slam releases. Absolutely timeless!

6. What’s your favourite piece of software?

Generally its Ableton Live. I recently discover the onboard plug ins which are way better than I thought. Other than that I am a big fan of the Roland Clou, UAD plugins, UHE Synths or Izotope. My current to litte weapons are the shaper box and the Izotope trash2.

7. What do you feel is missing from today’s scene?

I see a change from focus on music , production quality and great dj sets towards a  hype around social following. I don’t want to sound like the old man complaining about the world turning further but if you ask me that I have to say it 

8. What’s your favourite record label?

Kling Klong records and Ignite for sure

9. Where is more fun to play: festivals or smaller parties?

Love the question! I prefer smaller venues. Its more intimate, more direct and way harder to catch the crowd. But once you’re there – its magic!

10. What’s next for you, Releases and parties, where can we find you?

Next up is a couple of releases! There is the Still Hot relese, then a new Kling Klong incl an Ackermann rmx, one collab with Namito on his imprint followed by collabs with Alex Kid, hybrasil and Jiggler. 

My  upcoming gig is  at Sisyphos Berlin which is in my eyes maybe the best club in the world. Everytime they open its like a small festival!