Nadav Dagon releases stunning organic house EP, “Egypcia”

Nadav Dagon

Egypcia is a new organic house EP by Nadav Dagon that mixes real instruments with electronic sounds, and it’s got an Arabic influence that fills the release with mystical desert vibes.

Nadav Dagon is the original artist who ties this EP together, but each of the original tracks are a collaboration. The title track has been made alongside Carla Valenti, and the second track “First Night Back” is a three-way collaboration with emerging talents GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar.

Nadav Dagon is a live performer and electronic music producer who fuses talented musicianship with electronic music production. This release is out on Baikal Nomads, and he adds the record label to an accomplished back catalogue, already including his own Circle of Dreams imprint, plus Camel Riders, 3000 Grab Records and Guy Gerber’s Rumors.

Carla Valenti collaborates on “Egypcia,” which has similarities to the exquisite music she has released via LNDKHN and Abracadabra Music. This track also has a remix version by Catatonique who make a return to Baikal Nomads after previously featuring on one of the label’s compilations.

The second original track, “First Night Back” gets remix treatment from Max TenRom, whose music has been released on Cafe De Anatolia, and his tracks regularly get played by everyone from Goldcap to Above & Beyond.

First up, “Egypcia” opens the release with jangling strings, synthesised flutes and shuffling organic percussion that’s carried forth by a thumping kick drum.

“First Night Back” is second of the original tracks, and it has uplifting synths layered with soothing vocals and an acid-tinged bassline.

Catatonique’s remix of “Egypcia” adds an array of new synth parts that give their version a chugging groove with cosmic atmosphere.

Max TenRom’s remix of “First Night Back” has dramatic percussion, and atmospheric bursts that lift the intensity of his version.

Purchase a copy from HERE.