Pitch Control II – Bring Your Passion On Stage

10 emerging DJs and producers from Romania brought their passion on stage during a 5 day intensive program

Pitch Control II – Bring Your Passion On Stage took place between the 14th
and the 19th of September at Atra Doftana, and we’re glad to announce that this edition was transformative from many points of view.

All the participants involved left with a greater future in mind when it comes to their music and nothing of this could have happened without the most honest experiences that the mentors and team put together for the ones selected.

We found out from Alexis Cabrera, the Argentinian producer, that your studio sessions would be better if you treated your creative space more like a temple and less like an escape room from the outside world. Whether you have access to a big studio or you are still producing in your bedroom, you need to think like a listener or a dancer. Each participant left with one track created with Alexis’ guidance and help.

“This program is a pretty good tool, both for beginner as well as for advanced DJs and producers, because they can get deeply submerged into the electronic music instruments like different kind of synthesizers and drum machines. The participants get to learn more about different recording techniques, post production tools. They are able to get deeper into mixing techniques, having a full setup available to play music at any time. Also, the panels concerning everything what an artist needs to know about the music industry make this program a really good way to get into the electronic music world.”

said Alexis Cabrera.

Clare Dickins, founder at Clare Dickins PR, talked about what a music publicist does and why the generated content adds value to your journey as an artist. Because nobody can write their own story from the beginning without help, Clare gave us some really cool advices when it comes to what you can tell your audience.
Matthias Parmenttier, booking agent at The Bullitt agency, brought his
commercial-orientated vision to Pitch Control and introduced us to the power of brands and how to use this in the music industry. He shared his experiences to describe an efficient path in an artist’s career, concerning when and how to work with agents and managers.

Once you’ve stepped into the industry, you need to establish your role there
and you can’t do that without building an audience. David De Valera, founder at Circulate, told us all the insides from an agent’s point of view about how to create a brand from something that we all have: a story.
After the first edition, we felt a strong need to engage the participants in
another kind of journey: of self-discovery. With the help of Eugen Hriscu, an experienced psychotherapist who has been running training and personal development groups for over fifteen years. There were no gimmicks or psychological tricks, just a safe space to share ideas, ask questions and allow each member to be himself or herself.

“The purpose of this program is to identify young talented artists and to offer them all the tools they need to evolve in their careers. Their evolution won’t stop after they finish Pitch Control, they will start working harder and harder. The feedback that we received so far from the participants and mentors is great, so the only thing left is to take it to the next level”

told Diana Coman co-founder of Pitch Control.

Until Pitch Control III, all the participants will have support from the mentors and team and we hope that they’ll have a prosperous year when it comes to releasing tracks or having gigs. Pitch Control is a mentorship program for emerging DJs and producers powered by Jagermeister, Burn Energy and DjSuperStore.

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Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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