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Every artist has a signature. Mihai Popoviciu is no exception. For over a decade the amiable Romanian producer and DJ has built a body of work characterized by deep grooves, crisp precision, and irresistible energy.

Mihai’s ambition with every track and every DJ set, is to transmit the joy and energy that fuels his dream. “It feels great to see people dancing, smiling, having a good time. No matter what I do, that’s the main thing.” 

He is equally at home in underground clubs or on festival stages. The one thing that stays the same is his artistry and irresistible delight in music. “Mihai was on his sound from the beginning,” says friend and booking agent Benny Grauer. “It has a unique quality. Any time you hear it you know, “That’s Mihai”. He’s done it for years, and it is perfect.” 

Mihai Popoviciu Podcast 116

 When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?  

I started to play records since 2013 and my early influences where Detroit Techno and Electro.

Best advice for DJs in five words or less?

Hard work pays off!

Have you ever considered teaching music production classes? 

Actually I did that only once. It happened in Buenos Aires for an electronic music school few years ago. I enjoyed it and I see myself doing that sometime in the future but there are no plans about it at the moment.

How did you manage to successfully keep your energy and love for music during this pandemic period? 

My love for the music is always there no matter what and my energy during the lockdown came from producing new music.

Could you please share with us if there are some releases already planned in the near future? 

Yes, I have two releases lined up for Moan Records and Berg Audio plus some remixes.

Deep House Bucharest · DHB Podcast #116 – Mihai Popoviciu

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