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Full Premiere: Alex Preda – Enveloping (Original Mix)

Full Premiere: Alex Preda – Enveloping (Original Mix) 

Today’s full premiere is delivered by the very talented Romanian artist “Alex Preda” After his EP with Olivier Weiter, he returns to WEITER label with two stunning originals, complemented with remixes from Tom Zeta and MOHN.

The title track ‘Heartbeat’ is is a slow burner, gently building up into a melodic dive, progressing into the main drop which marks the epicness of the track. Surely meant for the dance-floor peak times, just the way we like it!
‘Enveloping’ is a track which is meant to absorb the listener into a deep and mysterious trip. With trills made to
keep your mind wondering and driving with the groove, this tune is uniquely crafted with Alex’s artistic flair.

MOHN, which is also familiar name on the label, stripped down “Enveloping”, focused more on the groove and drive of the original track. With his remix of “Heartbeat”, the very talented Tom Zeta (Dynamic) makes his debut on the label with a very hypnotic, yet powerful approach.
Enjoy the release – wishing you an amazing new year with lots of great music and special dance floor- moments!

Buy the EP: Beatport

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