DHB Radio 001 with Hotboxx (All Originals)

Starting a new series on our soundcloud channel to open our doors and support new artists all over the world.

DHB Radio 001 with Hotboxx made all from original tracks and remixes.

Hotboxx is a project created by Miami Born Hamid Tabibi. He has been a part of the prominent Miami Music and Electronic scene for more then 10 years.

He has been able to play venues in Miami like Do Not sit on the Furniture, LMNT, Racket, Treehouse and More. He has also had the honor to open up for acts such as Fred everything and even hip hop artists like Trick Daddy.

Hotboxx DHB Radio 001


Hotboxx, Flynn Nolan – Offended (Original Mix)

Hotboxx, The Artist Never Die, London X – Keep Movin’ (Original Mix)

Hotboxx – Relinquish (UNRELEASED – Original Mix)

Hotboxx, Unkwnet – Tella Go (UNRELEASED – Original Mix)

Hotboxx – What Is House (Original Mix)

Hotboxx – Blazing Paradise (UNRELEASED – Original Mix)

Hotboxx, Vampire Sex – ID (UNRELEASED – Original Mix)

Hotboxx, Unkwnet – ID (UNRELEASED – Original Mix)

Hotboxx, Carlos Diaz – Pinga (UNRELEASED – Original Mix)

Mack Marquez – ID (Hotboxx Remix) (UNRELEASED)

Hotboxx, Flynn Nolan, Unkwnet – ID (UNRELEASED – Original Mix)

Hotboxx, Bonilla – Flavor (Original Mix)

Hotboxx, Vampire Sex – Roatan (Original Mix)