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DHB Premiere: Axel Haube – Panarea [WEITER]

DHB Premiere: Axel Haube – Panarea [WEITER] 

WTR024-Axel Haube-Vesuvius EP (Incl Nico Morano remix

WEITER presents their final release of 2019. One thing is for sure, they are going out with a bang with this Belgium affair!

Axel Haube (Atmosphere Records, BeatFreak Recordings) (BE) delivers three tracks, perfectly balanced between powerful rolling bass lines, energetic driven grooves with a melodic twist on top. Just the way we like..

“Vesuvius” and “Caldera” are both peak time weapons.  Hypnotic leads will take you on a melodic journey – while being pushed forward by an ongoing buzz of energy caused by the powerful drums.

“Panarea” has a more organic feeling based on the rhythmic percussion. Panarea is the kind of track that brings euphoria regardless when or where its played. A perfect counterpart of the other tracks on the EP.

Melodic maestro Nico Morano (KATERMUKKE, DAYS like NIGHTS) (BE) comes with a beautiful remix of “Vesuvius”. While keeping the drive of the original, a typical Nico Morano signature melody on top creates a more uplifting vibe to the package. Like we often say, best of both worlds.

WEITER wishes you an amazing 2020 – Enjoy the music and see you next year!
Release date: 20 December 2019


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