DHB Podcast #104 – Mass Digital

Boris Mijolic, better known by his artist name Mass Digital was born on 13th Feb 1987 in Novi Sad, Serbia. This Serbian born music producer  is making huge waves in the house/techno genres and his melancholic tracks are conquering hearts and dance floors all around the world .

Hailing from Northern Serbia, Boris developed a deep rooted love for electronic music during his teenage years listening to father’s vinyls and tapes.

Deep House Bucharest · DHB Podcast #104 – Mass Digital

In the past few years he has been signed to a major record labels around the globe. Remixes and Co – productions with global artist are in work and his studio schedule and interest for his work has no end! 

He is like a wind, he can’t stop and he will not stop as long as there’s imagination and music in his mind and ears. Mass Digital’s answer is simple – do what you love and make no compromises.

In addition to his genre-defining works, his tracks continues to inspire and ignite dancefloors worldwide.

His sound stretches somewhere between melodic, house and techno, whilst respectfully treading the line between commercial and credible underground.

2020 will be definitive a big year for this young Serbian artist on his way to more success! His work is supported by big worldwide DJs and producers.

Mass Digital · Mass Digital “Lost In This Moment” EP [TRYBESof]

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