orn in Poona, India, Daso’s first club experience goes all the way back to cruising around his daddy’s disco’s marble dance floor – on a floor polisher!

Now imagine this kid grown-up, having soaked up all kinds of musical influences on his “playground”, from Miles Davis and Hendrix to the day-to-day hit machinery of contemporary radio pop: he became one of the most talented acts in the electronic music circus.

Daso’s debut Daybreak (MBF Rec/2006) was released only one year after his move to Cologne: one of Germany’s epicenters of techno culture.

Through the years Daso became a well-established act in the world of electronic dance music. He decided to take his next step and move to Berlin. After arriving in the capital of electronic dance music, Daso continued to release tracks through cutting-edge labels.


Above all, Daso is an extraordinary performer on a dandy level, with elegance and style.



  • How did you start in the electronic music businees? What drove you to make a career out of it?

Actually I did electronic music pretty early on. I learned it on the Atari ST of my dad when I was 12. I wasn’t doing dance music in the beginning, but more more electronica and new wave. My first real inspiration came when I moved to Cologne and went to the clubs. It inspired me to write my first proper dance tracks. After doing that, I gave the cd to a friend in order to have a feedback. I never really thought about releasing it though. But he gave it to Riley Reinhold instead and I got a call that they want to release the track Daybreak on his Label MBF. After it got released, I got the news that I have a gig in 3 weeks. Yet, I didn’t consider myself a Dj back then or a liveact artist yet, so I asked: “what should i do”? He told me there is a software called Ableton. You just need a laptop and a controller. So I bought a cheap laptop and learned the software in a short time and played my first gig.


I am on the road



  • How do you prepare for a set? Do you think: I’m going to play these ten or twelve tracks or does it all happen on the spot?

I like to always try out clips of current projects or sketches into my sets and see people’s reaction to it. The rest of the tracks revolve around my focus and mood of the moment.



  • So when was the last time you were nervous before a gig?

I don’t remember when exactly, but one time I came for some reason 4 hours before my playtime to the club. And it seemed to not get crowded, so I got nervous. Because nobody likes to play before an empty club when you are the main act.




Did it live up to your expectations?

Luckily not. It became full in the last 20 minutes before I started playing and in the end it was completely packed. So I was really happy after all.



  • What would you recommend to the upcoming djs in cases which they are playing and a mistake happens for any reason?

I don’t do big mistakes. But if there is a glitch in a set I think it is the best to keep calm and laugh about it. It is important not to get nervous and tense, otherwise you can ruin the whole mood of the party.



  • How do you find a balance in playing what you want to play and what people want to hear from you?

I think it is something you have to feel. In the beginning, I play some tracks and see what gets the crowd going. Only then, when I understand what makes them click, I manage to guide them a little. Nevertheless, I try to not get my ego in the way and just force it. They are here to have a nice night, not to be educated.


Meine” definitely opened a lot of doors for me very fast.


  • As you come from Germany, could you please tell us if there are one or two German artists you would like to introduce us to?

Constanijn Lange is a guy you have to watch out for- very nice dreamy music, and I am planning a collaboration with Jonas Saalbach who is already a rising star in the biz and we gonna join forces soon.
But, I am really impressed with the Romanian producer scene, with guys like Cyclic’s Gorje Hewek & Izhevski or BOg. I would also love to work with them.



  • The best club in the Germany (name and city)?

Berghain, Berlin


  • Your best souvenir of this summer: a place where you played for instance, or an anecdote?

It was on a beach in Goa. The place were I stayed was just 5 minutes from the Beach Club, so it was already dark and walked with my bag on the sand to the gig. Suddenly, wild dogs started running after me, so I had to constantly scare them off with the light of my mobile phone. It was a weird moment for me, but the gig on the beach was really amazing after all!