Yamil release new EP ‘La Flor Colorada’ feat. Xinobi, Angelos and Derun


Yamil is an exhilarating organic house producer who is well known for his blissful use of majestic melodies and vocals from different cultures around the world. His masterful use of percussion helps him create compelling grooves, which often have an Afro influence.

His new release sees him return to the Sol Selectas record label where he has previously featured music made in collaboration with German Brigante. This time he presents three of his solo productions alongside a splendid selection of remixes by Xinobi, Angelos and Derun.

Other record labels to feature Yamil’s music include the likes of MoBlack and Super Flu’s Monaberry. The remix artists on this EP are also an accomplished bunch, as their music can be individually found on imprints including Discotexas, Rebellion and 3000 Grad Records, plus many others of equal note.

First up, is the release’s title track “La Flor Colorada” which is characterised by the vocals of Panama based vocalist Rosalinda de Espada, whose voice adds compelling emotion to this spine-tingling track.

Second on the release, the original mix of “Naidi” has rattling percussion rhythms and a floaty flute sound that adds to the dreamy atmosphere of this uplifting track, which also has sensual vocal tones and a modulating bass synth. Xinobi’s remix of Naidi switches the bassline and works in new percussion that boosts the energy of the track to create an upbeat Afro house rework.

Sanctuary” is last of the three original tracks, and it brings the heat with a downtempo groove that is powered by shuffling rhythms, and its ethereal pads lead to the chanting vocals of the breakdown. Angelos remix of Sanctuary makes more prominent use of the cinematic elements in the original’s breakdown section and blends them with new synths, plus new percussion, to create an Afro house groove. Derun also remixes Sanctuary, but instead they opt for a psychedelic version with trippy guitar chords used to help create their melodic rework.

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