‘Woomoon’ is a new organic house EP by Alex Twin

Alex Twin

Alex Twin is a Dubai based DJ and producer whose organic house style also extends to other genres such as indie dance. His style is a deep fusion of spellbinding melody and upbeat rhythms that give his music a mesmerising sound.

He is a talented DJ who is well known in Dubai and its surrounding regions, and when it comes to producing his music has found homes on respected imprints such as Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream.

The new release from Alex Twin is a rather impressive three-track EP on Jacob Groening’s record label, Kamai Music. It’s titled ‘Woomoon’ and all of the works showcase Alex Twin’s mastery of creating tracks that captivate the listener.

First up is the title track “Woomoon” which is led by the pulsating rhythms of a stabbing synth that’s sandwiched between flowing high-end percussion and a submerged bassline that adds depth to the groove. Next up, “Along With You” is centred around trumpets and flutters from the lead synth, and is propelled forwards by its shuffling percussion rhythms and thump of the kickdrum. “It’s Never Too Late” brings the release to a dramatic close, as it’s an uplifting track with moaning vocal textures that add sensual tension to the uplifting synths and hallucinogenic guitar chords.

Out now, get a copy here.