Volzigt releases soothing organic house EP, ‘Pablo’s Blistered Paw’

Out now via the Baikal Nomads record label, ‘Pablo’s Blistered Paw’ is an excellent organic house release by Amsterdam-based artist, Volzigt.

Volzigt is well known within the Dutch music scene for his involvement in running and setting up Club Escargot, which is an Amsterdam venue at the heart of the city’s downtempo music scene. Volzigt is a regular DJ and performer at his venue where he runs the Obscure parties. He is also an accomplished producer with music on other labels such as Shango Records.

This release includes two tracks by Volzigt that are accompanied by remixes from Goro (NL) and Thommie G. Goro (NL) is a resident DJ at Obscure and has close ties to Volzigt through the event. Thommie G is also Dutch, but unlike the other two artists on the release, he is based in the city of Haarlem.

Thommie G is probably the most internationally established artist on this EP due to his releases on labels like Sol Selectas, but Goro (NL) has an accomplished back catalogue including music on imprints such as Cafe De Anatolia, MONADA and Kosa.

The release is opened with the original mix of “Blistered Paw” which is a fusion of guitar chords and immersive synths. Its shuffling high-end percussion and stabbing bass synths create a framework for its swirling atmospheric textures.

Second, is the original mix of “Pablo’s” which opens with a tense synth spiral that leads into the shuffling rhythms of crisp percussion. Its uplifting pads and angelic vocal textures create a delicate soundscape underpinned by the sub-heavy bassline and punch of the kick drum.

Goro (NL) adds additional atmospherics and a new bassline while stripping back the percussion to deliver a more atmospheric version of Blistered Paw.

Thommie G ramps up the tempo for his rework and adds extra percussion to create a vigorous remix of Blistered Paw that keeps the original’s guitar as a focal point.

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