Veytik & Stephane Salerno collaborate on new organic house release, “Slither”

Veytik and Stephane Salerno are two organic house artists from different parts of the world who have joined forces to drop a soothing new release titled ‘Slither.’

Slither” is also the EP’s title track, and it’s a collaboration between American artist Veytik and French artist Stephane Salerno. There is also a solo production by Veytik called “Soul” and both of the original tracks are deep and atmospheric with ethereal sound design that creates an uplifting vibe.

Although this is the first time that Stephane Salerno has featured on Baikal Nomads, Veytik has previously frequented the record label along with releases on others such as Harabe and Click Records. Stephane Salerno makes his debut on Baikal Nomads after working with other labels including Pipe & Pochet and KataHaifisch.

There are also two remixes of the EP’s title track, the first comes from MI.LA and the second from AmuAmu. Both are accomplished producers, MI.LA has previously released via Baikal Nomads and other respected record labels including Exotic Refreshment, Lump Records and Camel Riders. AmuAmu has provided tracks and remixes for prestigious record labels such as Cosmic Awakenings, Copycow and Underyourskin Records.

The original mix of Slither is the first track on the release, and it’s a trippy cut with celestial vocals and sweeping synths that are carried by shuffling percussion. Second on the release is the solo production by Veytik called Soul, which has delicate melodies and sweeping pads that are joined by vocoded vocals and a profound vocal sample that alongside electric guitar chords, are the track’s defining features.

MI.LA’s remix of Slither focuses on the original’s melodic elements to create a deep house version, and AmuAmu drops the tempo to create a plodding version of the title track.

You can buy a copy HERE.