Raw Ideology Takes Us Through His Newest Release ‘Analyze and Conquer’

Raw Ideology’s hard-hitting Techno sound continues to draw in listeners from around the globe, and his latest release, ‘Analyze and Conquer’ certainly kept the intense vibes high and the hypnotic energy raised. As his productions consistently place his powerful style on display, showcasing his talents when it comes to creating engaging sonic experiences, Raw Ideology certainly remains a noteworthy innovator currently on the Electronic Music scene.  

So today, we’re looking forward to sitting down with the talented Producer to talk about the release; as we take a glimpse behind the scenes of the production, we learn more about Raw Ideology’s process, inspirations, and future goals, gaining an insight into how he continues to curate such mighty-sounding tracks to make himself known within the realm of Electronic Music. 

Hi Raw Ideology, it is a pleasure to meet you! How’s it going?   

Pleasure is mine! Been a rollercoaster of emotion this year, surgery, recovery, and some personal issues making the year tough so far but well, we carry on! Lots of studio time and studying at the moment, which I love, so that’s keeping me sane!  

To begin, can you tell us more about the inspiration and concept behind this hard-hitting track?   

I love Drum n Bass a lot, maybe even more than Techno when comes to partying, and I wanted to mix breakbeats on some slick groovy Techno – I like this street style a lot and I think we should have more of it.  

We would love to know more about your choice for this title. Is there a message you are trying to convey to the audience behind the title ‘Analyze and Conquer’ and the repeated vocals singing “Sound”?   

Well, this was a funny one; I had a boxing sparring session with a very aggressive opponent who I was having a hard time defending myself against, until the moment I realized that every time he threw, he pressed his foot sideways with a lot momentum, which was easy to hear in the ring floor, so I started to pay attention to that sound so that I could overcome him in the next rounds, and the pitch down vocal represents when I did my counters – not sure many people can relate to this but I guess inspiration really comes from everywhere when you are creative.   

What about this track would you say defines your hardstyle Techno sound?   

My basslines are different, I really fine tune my grooves and layers to every song, and you can always tell the songs are mine, not like raw/hypnotic Producers but also neither the hard ones.  

How does this track compare or differ from your previous Techno releases? Would you say the BPM varies slightly than other ones?  Can you walk us through your process for layering this track?  Were there new instruments or sounds added to this track that aren’t used in any of your other ones?  

The acid bubbly melody, I’m not a big fan of acid in general but for this, it made a lot of sense, and I found a way to play it smooth and not that harsh sound.  

Was there something new you learned from producing this track, that you’d like to share with new producers?   

Yeah, I mixed Breakbeats and Techno for the first time and it worked – you can’t be scared of trying, we gotta aim to be different cause Electronic genres typically sound similar so gotta test things and have fun. Just because your biggest references don’t do those things, it doesn’t mean you can’t try, possibly it’s what’s gonna make you stand out.  

Do you have future plans to perform this track live? If so, what would be your favorite venue or festival to play at one day?   

Yeah, I already did several times, this is not a recent production but after a hiatus and the decision to sign with Believe distribution and go fully indie, I decided to put it out now – I got tired of waiting for labels and these A&R people, they all think their music taste is the only truth, so it feels good to be able to put whatever I want out there.   

Festival of course Awakenings, both the park and Gashouder, would be a dream come true.  

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate or perform together with in the future?  

To collab, I don’t really care about and never think about it because I’ve never enjoyed the collaboration idea – it’s fun to make music with friends sometimes but I’d rather be by myself in the studio.  

But an event lineup with Rødhåd and Richie Hawtin would be awesome.  

Do you anticipate any upcoming releases later this year?   

Yeah, there will be plenty, stay tuned!   

We wrap up our interview with Raw Ideology by thanking him for his time and for allowing us a look into his creativity and approach towards music production. With the promise of more music to come soon, we encourage you to keep him on your radar by following him across social media, as Raw Ideology no doubt remains a talent to continue watching closely.  


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