Noema releases his intergalactic new album “ONE”


Out now, “ONE” is the new out-of-this-world album by Noema who is an artist known for his downtempo take on electronic music.

This innovative album is an intergalactic concept where Noema has let his imagination and creativity go wild. Not only has he created the music, but he has also designed an accompanying stage show with costumed characters.

In terms of the music, the release features one 45-minute track where classically trained musicians play over sequenced drum sounds. It’s effectively futuristic classical music that has an electronic music crossover.

To support the music, Noema has also written a trippy story about a group of interdimensional travellers, and designed costumes for each of those characters to be brought to life. The costumed characters are played by contemporary dancers, who at live shows where Noema is playing the album, will invite members of the crowd to join their storytelling performance…

There are also some satirical videos where Noema takes on the role of his alter ego Johnny Astro to help tell the story of the intergalactic beings whose story runs though the music.

More videos from the project will be released in the next few weeks via Noema’s Instagram account.

It’s a unique concept where the music is very serious and has a classic sound, but the light-hearted background story of the interdimensional travellers adds a fun vibe. This release is out via Noema’s record label The Magic Movement, and he has also featured on other record labels ranging from Sol Selectas to Get Physical.

You can buy a copy of ‘ONE’ from HERE.