Nareg with his version for Emancipator – Anthem

Lebanese Armenian Organic House producer currently living and creating music out of Florida, USA. His most recent release, which ranked #11 on Beatport's Top 100 Organic House Music Chart, was on Gorje Hewek's "Peace Symphonies".

My family is originally from Armenia, but I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. I was exposed to alot of house music during my teenage years because of Beirut’s well known club culture.
Back then, I was a big trance advocate, which I still enjoy listening to this day. Some of my favorite producers were Cosmic Gate, Armin Van Buuren, Above and Beyond, and Ferry Corsten. I really felt uplifting trance music was the backbone of my normal day to day functioning.
I moved to the US when I was 17 years old, and it was during that time that I felt like my taste of music was shifting towards an interest in percussion. I listened to a lot of reggae music until my mid 20s and found myself listening to more organic/downtempo house music as well.
I was interested in productions that had an emphasis on detailed percussive elements. During the pandemic, I purchased the tiny DDJ-400 and experimented mixing. I remember asking my friend how I can turn off the clap and shakers on a track, and he told me I couldn’t do that.
This was a major turn off for me. So I decided music production was something I was more interested in.
I was lucky enough to have become friends with Cocho around that time, who played a major role teaching me the ABCs of music production. 
Although it has been a very short time to have picked up this music journey, I have had good successes with my tracks and remixes.
I appreciate Johnathan Rosa for kicking off my career with my first ever release on the Mirrors label last year. Another recent release was on Gorje Hewek’s Peace Symphonies Label that reached #11 on Beatport’s Top 100 Organic House Chart. Lets not forget the support of Med Aziz Ben Ameur and Ahmed Briki on my edits and remixes on ROFD.
Overall my music has been supported by many greats like Hernan Cattaneo, Gorje Hewek, Fernando Ferreyra, Facundo Mohrr, Jonathan Rosa, Blondi:sh, Greg Ochman, Bodaishin and many more.
I have more new music coming out this year on good labels that I am looking forward to. I would like to be honest to say that I am actually in a confused position in my career as a young artist because I am not very happy with my outlook on making music.
I find myself twisting and bending to make tracks that fit into certain labels, which is limiting my own creativity. On top of all that, you have labels that do not open up to new sounds and want the same items all the time; alongside extremely long wait times for replies.
As such, I advise any artist to be open to experimenting with new sounds. I produce based off of my emotions, and sounds just come to me.
My music tracks are my own memory capsules so they have to sound as authentic as possible. I aspire to continue producing music that will change a person’s day and mood.
My mission in life is to positively affect people around me and music is a great vessel for this.
Thanks to Bross and Deep House Bucharest for having me on.