Jean Vayat releases new organic house EP, “Changes”

Jean Vayat

Jean Vayat is an organic house artist with Ukrainian heritage, and he drops a trippy organic house release via Sol Selectas. Changes is an EP that features three original tracks by Jean Vayat, plus a remix from fellow Ukrainian artist, Emrat.

This is the first time that Jean Vayat has taken centre stage on Sol Selectas with a solo EP, but he has already featured on five of the record label’s compilation releases. Proving to be a favourite with fans of the imprint, Jean Vayat now solidifies himself as a core part of the Sol Selectas roster.

Jean Vayat has released his music via other respected record labels such as Go Deeva Records, Harabe, Baikal Nomads and Shango Records.

Emrat is an exciting new talent who is making his Sol Selectas debut after contributing to other record labels including the likes of kośa, Hoomidaas and MONADA.

First up, “Changes (Feat. Mohsen Neshom)” is the EP’s title track, and it has sweeping string pads underlined by a chugging bassline. The breakdown introduces Mohsen Neshom’s haunting vocals, and the acid-tinged melody synth adds a trippy vibe. Second on the EP, “Good Morning” is a quirky track with a psychedelic atmosphere and building suspense. “Trayam Bagam” has epic strings and chanting vocals, which are layered with expansive percussion that’s washed in delay. Emrat brings things to a close with a majestic remix of “Trayam Bagam” that after removing some of the original’s percussion, adds dreamy synths.

Get a copy HERE.