ITAI drops Latin influenced single, ‘Speedy Gonzales’


ITAI is an American organic house producer who continues to dazzle with a Latin-inspired release called ‘Speedy Gonzales.

Speedy Gonzales is part of ITAI’s Unfinished project which he has been releasing via his own record label, The Teddy Bear Lounge. It’s the sixth part of a series where the tracks are being released as solo parts of an overall story. Each track is a chapter, and eventually they will be collected into a single package.

This particular instalment is inspired by ITAI’s trips to Central America and Mexico, and has Latin rhythms and melodies that give it a warm and upbeat mood. It’s a fusion of live instrumentation and electronic sounds which is truly magical to behold.

For those who are discovering ITAI for the first time, he is a skilled musician and saxophonist who combines his love of rhythm and melody with electronic sounds. He has worked with prestigious labels such as Talavera Records and Camel Riders, but has recently focused his output toward The Teddy Bear Lounge.

Speedy Gonzales’ has a hypnotic bassline that’s followed by a filtered guitar loop playing flamenco style fingerpicked chords. There is also a pan-pipe melody and triplet hi-hats combined with a live percussion loop and arpeggio synth line.

It’s only a solo track release, but it’s a great track with an upbeat mood, and you can buy it HERE.