Interview with Hot TuneiK

With over a decade as part of the Mexican electronic scene, Diego Carreon A.K.A Hot TuneiK has managed to position himself amongst de best Producers in the world, with the support on their sets of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Sasha and many more.


1.My first question for you refers to your development as an artist; how would you describe it?

Passion and determination for start, but its a life-time development. Evolution like everything is part of the journey, so don’t rush yourself but push yourself to the limit, trust me, is worth it.

2.We are interested to find out where and how have you found inspiration and of course, how did you got to an original sound?

Well, I’m making music since I was little, somewhere around 12-13 years old, now I’m 32 and it was quite of a journey. But I would say that once I’ve found my sound it was more about 4-5 years to reach my true sound.

One of my main inspirations is Guy J, love that man, but theres alot of talent all around the world, Greenage is another producer that im playing alot in my sets, Jelly For The Babies, Madloch and many many more and also of course there’s alot of musicians which I’m inspired by, like Hans Zimmer, Yan Tiersen.

3.What were some of the main challenges and goals when starting out as a DJ and how have they changed over time?

Djing has always been a challenge but is a lovely and a wonderful “job”. Its always difficult when a dj is starting, going out to clubs and knocking out at the door is not always pleasant or nice, but is like any other career, it takes time and alot of energy to keep up and maintain a decent presentation, but I think its part of it, like always.

My residency at HOOKAH Group was vital, I worked there for more than 8 years and that really helped. I had the chance to play and share experiences with legends like, Guy Mantzur, Guy J, Nick Warren, Anja Schneider, Third Son, Kastis Torrau, Antrim, Donatello, Henry Saiz, many many more theres a full agenda with also names like Dubfire, Sharam, Steve Lawrer and some of them lucky for me are my closest friends, is amazing what music has giving me.

4.What were your thoughts and determination in creating the label? How has all started?

It was a dream for me, I’ve notice that there’s alot of great music which is not heard or played and that literaly makes me feel weird, because music is all about sharing.

Luckily for me I found two beautiful souls and we share the same feeling, Diego J and RA mx… My friends and business partners.

Guateque Music was founded on that feeling, help other artists and producers to be heard, and im not talking only about new upcoming artists, GM is also aiming on A-list artist for sure for example now we got big names like Kamilo Sanclemente, Antrim and Nosh & SJ, but we have alot of surprises for the near future.

Feel free to contact us if your music has potential and a message that’s really important, music has an intention and needs to be exposed!

5.My last question: please give us some insights regarding your label; how do you think it will be distinguished, what would be particularly special about it and how do you see it evolving in 2 years?

The love of sharing good quality music, we’re not focused on any particular style, of course like any other label we got our filters but that doesn’t mean that your track is not going to be heard.

We always welcome and support toptnoch and inspiring music.

For now we are currently working on our next releases which I would love to talk about it, but I think its worth the wait!

Big names and great music is coming on Guateque Music.

Much love guys.

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