Interview with Gadi Mitrani

For today’s DHB Podcast edition we have Gadi Mitrani as guest, a Turkish DJ/Producer who had his music signed by labels such as Sudbeat MusicTale & ToneSeven Villas and Plattenbak, to name a few and he received support from artists like Hernan CattaneoLee BurridgeKhen and many others.

We also had the pleasure to do a small interview with him and we invite you to see for yourself how Gadi responded to our questions.

DHB: When was your first encounter with electronic music?

Gadi: Thank you for for the interview and having me as a guest on your podcast!

My older brother was buying house music vinyls, even sometimes acid house records, so I was able to start to play with vinyl around 15 years old. Practicing my DJ skills all the time.

Then for my college education, I went to Washington DC. There I was introduced to Drum and bass, Breakbeat, Trance, all that rave music at the end of the 90s Then I bought a Roland Groove Box 303, and that is how I interested to make electronic music.

DHB: What do you find the most challenging about being a DJ/Producer?

Gadi: Well We have so many of us that make a big competition for getting more gigs. Also, you need to be pretty good at social media and online marketing, which takes lots of time from your studio and digging music.

And, unfortunately, there are so many fakes, that kills the soul of the business, I learned in years that I should not care about the fake part of the business and just focus on myself.

DHB: Which you prefer most, main course or dessert?

Gadi: I am a main course guy but of course, it depends on the dessert.

DHB: Can you tell us about some future projects?

Gadi: I want to have my record label, but it will take some time, Because I don’t want to open it just to have a label.

I have a remix and an ep coming up soon from WOLD records, which I am very proud to be in.

And I want to collaborate with more artists, singers, and musicians this year.

DHB: Tell us one thing people should know about you.

Gadi: I am a big fan of Disney and Pixar animations. I can watch them all day. I would love to be a writer of an animated movie.

DHB: Besides studio and clubs, do you have some favorite places you like to visit/go?

Gadi: Always love to try new food and go to restaurants that I’ve never been to. and during summer l love to go to the beach or Pool whatever I can find.

We are looking forward to hear Gadi’s future projects and we wish him a warm welcome in our family!