Free Download: Mac Miller – Congratulations (German Tedesco Unofficial Remix)

In the vibrant sonic landscape of Ciudad Jardín, Buenos Aires, Argentina resides the multifaceted artist, German Tedesco. At the tender age of 25, Tedesco has carved a niche for himself as a DJ/producer, embarking on this musical journey in 2019.

His notable contributions to the industry include a series of releases on distinguished record labels, a testament to his evolving artistry. Among these labels are the likes of Flug Lab, Amithaba, RYNTH, The Purr, each serving as a platform for Tedesco’s distinctive sound to reverberate.

Free Download unofficial remix

Beyond the confines of academia, Tedesco commands the decks with finesse, performing at private events, clubs, and bars since 2019. His artistic magnetism has led to shared stages with illustrious contemporaries, including Nebula, Doma, Patricio del Campo, Fabri Lopez, Rodrigo Lapena, Felipe Gonzalez (AR), Kevin Yair, Lou Anz, among others.

As German Tedesco continues to compose the symphony of his burgeoning career, audiences are invited to partake in the unfolding narrative of this young maestro, where each beat serves as a note in a larger, melodious tapestry.