ELECTRIC AFFAIR in glo Creative Camp | Garden session

When artists bond, music smoothly blends, becoming a delicious experience.

Here’s a taste of what Electro Affair is cooking for you. Catch their show at EC9!

Electric Castle is loved by the festival goers for its unique and immersive day & night experience, awarded by the music festival industry for its relentless quality and appreciated by artists.

Taking place next to the iconic 15th-century Bánffy Castle, in the pristine nature of Transylvania, Electric Castle surprises at every edition with a creative lineup, touching a diversity of genres, with new media installations & performances, and disruptive talks. Breathtaking scenery and historical surroundings create an out of the ordinary way of living and feeling, which can’t be matched by other experiences.

Director Dorin Marcu DP Dan Campean DIT & Sound Gabriel Chelcea Project Manager Sorina Camarasan Art Vlad Sulea Head of communications Tudor Costinas Music production team Bogdan Surariu, Mihnea Opartan, Cristian Melak, Norbert Halmagyi Artists Cesar Merveille, Marius Gagiu (Mandela), Cristian Munteanu (Soundopamine), Silvia Munteanu (Natasha/Soundopamine), Ion Dumitrescu (Future Nugetts), Horatiu Serbanescu ( Future Nuggets ), Suce Fraga, Maria Moraru, Taku Takahashi, Yosuke Fuyama glo Creative Camp, a project by Electric Castle

Round the clock entertainment, artistic performances, immersive installations, stand-up comedy, fashion & fair area, carefully selected food & drinks vendors and a variety of daytime activities to choose from keeps everyone busy and excited day in and day out.

During its nine years of existence, Electric Castle has hosted internationally acclaimed music artists such as Gorillaz, 21 Pilots, Florence + The Machine, Jessie J, Skrillex, The Prodigy, Die Antwoord, deadmau5, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Bring Me The Horizon.