DHB Podcast #143 with Salas

Continuing our DHB Podcast series with a guest that we are already used to: SALAS

In love with music since he was a child, after studying music more than 10 years, he decided to quit the theological school when he was 17 and go for a DJ career. 

He put the bases of small house music scene in his hometown Husi, togheter with his friends Mano and Kurtiss Kromm, and helped develop younger talents in town like BOg, Bross and Major Ross. 

Moving forward to Bucharest, he helped the growth of Deep House Bucharest party brand, a project that was all about daydreaming house music. 

Along the way, he shared the decks with big names like Nick Warren, Danny Howells, Lost Desert and of course his friend BOg to name a few. 

After 20 years on the scene and playing along the way tribal, progressive, minimal, electro, techno etc. , he proudly recognise himself as a daydreamer sound lover these days.