Carla Durisch drops new single “Moist” to launch her record label, THRPY

Carla Durisch

Carla Durisch is a Swiss artist whose new release is a dark and moody single titled, Moist.

She’s a popular DJ who in 2023, played over 90 gigs in places such as Ibiza, Berlin, Miami, Dubai and Bali. Last year, Carla Durisch also broke into the world of music production with her impressive debut release, which came out on the prestigious Crosstown Rebels record label.

It’s rare that an artist gets to launch their production career with a debut on such an iconic record label, and it suggests that there are big things to come from her future releases.

The release shows an evolution in Carla Durisch’s sound, which has got darker and rawer since her Crosstown Rebels debut. To reflect this evolution, she has launched her own record label called THRPY, which allows her to explore these new avenues within her music production.

THRPY is a play on the word “Therapy,” which is also the name of her club night in Zürich, and talking about her new record label, Carla Durisch said: “Music, dancing, and clubbing have always been my lifelong therapeutic companions. Club culture, like no other art form, creates a unique haven where individuals of diverse backgrounds, generations, unconventional lifestyles, and orientations can find their own space of freedom.”

“Moist” seems to take its title from the track’s murky lyrics about sweating on the dance floor, as it’s a club orientated cut, and will certainly get people working up a sweat. It’s a stripped-back track with a deep atmosphere and hypnotic flow. The electro-tinged bassline and raw snare rolls are shrouded by haunting pads that add suspense to this chic track.

Get a copy HERE.