Bubba Brothers Talk About Their 2023 in a Quickfire Interview

We sat down with DJ/Production duo Bubba Brothers for a round of 2023 themed quickfire questions; in this interview, they share insights into their experience this year. From their favorite track “Euphoria” being signed to Spinnin Records to performing at ADE for the first time, 2023 was filled with milestones for this talented duo. Join us as we learn more about their journey in the last 12 months. 

What was your favorite track or release of your own from 2023, and why? 

Difficult to say, but I believe Euphoria that just got signed by Spinnin Records. 

Name one festival or event you performed at, or attended in 2023 that left you in awe of the crowd’s energy. 

There were many “wow” moments this year but maybe our gig at ADE was the most exciting one. First time in Amsterdam😊 

Which collaboration with another artist in 2023 stands out as a personal highlight? 

Eddy Romero for sure. Great guy and great DJ. 

Can you share a memorable moment from a fan interaction or message you received in the past year? 

I offered my “Bubba” hat after a gig to a young fan and he got sick a few weeks ago…and his father told me that he took the hat with him to the hospital…so that is really something you’ll never forget… Thank God he’s doing much better now! 😊 

What’s the most played song in your personal music library from 2023 that wasn’t your own? 

Opus – Eric Prydz. 

Tell us about a unique or unexpected source of inspiration that fueled your creativity in 2023. 

During my holiday in Iceland created “Black Beach,” I even taped the sounds of the sea…amazing country.  

Name one piece of gear or software you couldn’t live without in the studio last year. 

My Mac 😊 

Share a favorite memory from a behind-the-scenes moment while touring or producing in 2023. 

I sat in a taxi in Ibiza and started to chat to the driver and I told him that I was a DJ and that my artistic name was Bubba Brothers…he answered: “oh! I remember…I saw your movie” and I replied: “No, you didn’t… that’s ‘Blues Brothers…” big laugh in the cab! LOOOL 

What’s the most meaningful lesson or takeaway you gained from your experiences in the music industry last year? 

You need to get better everyday. 

If you could sum up the essence of your musical journey in 2023 in just three words, what would they be? 

What a ride!!!!! 

We finish this interview thanking Bubba Brothers for their time sharing their insights and favorite moments in 2023, and while they prepare for an exciting new year ahead, we wish them the best in their new projects. Make sure to follow them across social media to remain updated on their latest releases and live show dates. 

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