Arman (AM) Releases New ‘You Can’t Leave’ EP Via Earthly Delights

Arman (AM)

Earthly Delights is a highly respected organic house/deep house record label, which releases melodic tracks with mesmerising atmosphere. The label’s roster has included contributions from genre-leading artists such as Be Svendsen, Hraach, Armen Miran and Raw Main.

The label also champions fresh talent, and focuses on quality of sound as its primary goal. Arman (AM) is the latest artist to join the Earthly Delights roster, and the Armenian artist presents a rapturously impressive three-track release.

You Can’t Leave” is the name of the EP, and it opens with the title track, which has softly sung vocals and deep pads fuelled by organic congas and shuffling hi-hats. “Sunrise” has an upbeat groove with fast-paced melodies and gliding pads that subside in the tempo drop off the blissed-out breakdown. “My Dream” ends the release with spiralling melodies and a sensual vocal that’s underpinned by the dynamic flow of upbeat percussion.

Some of the DJs already showing this release support include the likes of Acid Pauli, Deer Jade and Mark Alow.

Get a copy HERE.