We Talk to Ale San about his Martian Levitation LP

Ale San releases his “Martian Levitation” record. Record Sounds Like: Mall Grab, Skin On Skin, Swales

Ale San’s “Martian Levitation,” releasing on February 16, 2024, is a vibrant blend of electronic genres, echoing the styles of Mall Grab, Skin On Skin, and Swales. The album opens with “Outta Sync,” setting a tone of rhythmic complexity and rich soundscapes. Notable tracks like “Just A Second” (featuring Uncalled Guy) and “There Will Never Be Another U” showcase Ale San’s fusion of emotive bass with robust beats.

“Gecko” and “Liquid Desert” transport listeners to deeper realms but not at the cost of their dancefloor cred, while “Sick Generator” and “Vanilla I Scream” highlight dynamic, evolving rhythm. Ale San describes the album as “acid vibes, smooth house grooves, and a sprinkle of DnB magic”.

In a generous move, “Martian Levitation” will be available for free download on Bandcamp. This album is a showcase of Ale San’s rule-free, genre-blending musical ethos, marking a significant point in his artistic trajectory.

Artist Quote – “From acid vibes to smooth house grooves and a sprinkle of DnB magic – this record is like a musical session where genres I feel comfortable with just kick back and vibe together. It’s the sound of me doing my thing, no rules, just good vibes.”

Find out more about the record in our short Artist QA with Ale San:

Martian Levitation” is a captivating title that sparks curiosity. Can you share what inspired this unique title and how it reflects the overall vibe and theme of your new release?

The title “Martian Levitation” came from a mix of imagining life on Mars and a bit of playful speculation. It mirrors the vibe of the new release, that tries to take listeners on a trippy, mind-bending journey through space and imagination.

Every artist has a unique approach to their creative process, especially when experimenting with new sounds or concepts. Could you walk us through your creative process for “Martian Levitation”? Were there any particular challenges you faced while producing this track, and how did you overcome them?

I dove into this album by embracing the unknown and letting my creativity run wild. I tested some new plugins and hardware and played a bit with them, trying to squeeze out what they offered and take them to different places on each track. Balancing experimentation with coherence was a challenge, but I think I nailed it through refining the mix and arrangement of all the tracks, and finding the perfect blend of textures and melodies.

Collaborations often bring out new dimensions in music, and influences shape the sonic landscape of a release. Did you collaborate with any other artists or producers for “Martian Levitation”? Additionally, were there any specific artists, genres, or tracks that influenced the sound and direction of this release?

For “Martian Levitation,” I had the pleasure of collaborating with Luis León on “We’re Just Dots” and Uncalled Guy on “Just A Second”. Luis brought his unique perspective and production skills, adding depth and dimension to the track we worked on together. Meanwhile, Uncalled Guy’s input infused our collaboration with fresh energy and punch. In terms of influences, artists like Bonobo, Skin On Skin and Mall Grab played a significant role in shaping the sound and direction of this release.

Music often serves as a medium for personal expression or conveying messages to the audience. Is there a personal connection or message you hope listeners take away from “Martian Levitation”? How does this track reflect your current artistic journey or philosophy?

While there’s no specific message intended, I hope listeners find moments of introspection and wonder within the music, allowing them to escape reality for a while. This album reflects my artistic philosophy of pushing boundaries and exploring different styles and moods, helping me define a path for future releases.

Looking beyond “Martian Levitation,” what can your fans expect from you in the near future? Are there any new directions you’re excited to explore in your upcoming projects, or any collaborations in the works that you can share with us?

I have a 3-track Liquid Drum & Bass EP coming out on February 29th through Blankhaus Music. I really like those tracks and I hope you can also have a listen! I’m producing a lot lately and I also have another 5-track EP coming up in the following weeks. You can also check out a radio show I’m hosting called “Chrononaut”, which is published via Blankhaus on Soundcloud. Each of the episodes has a particular theme, and I curate the tracks in relation to that. Thank you for the interview!