The legendary Umek,  alongside four international DJs will play the Russian Roulette in Bucharest! Well, they won’t literally play this game with guns, but with music.

Five DJs well renowned for their shows both in clubs and at electronic music festivals will come to Bucharest to take part to the first game of Russian Roulette with house and  techno music.

‘Russian Roulette’ is the newest party concept for  everyone who is passionate about electronic and underground house music from Romania.

How it works

The event will host five scenes, one for each DJ and with the aid of button that is placed right in the middle of the arena, the attendees will decide the line up of the night. Much like the Russian Roulette game!

Practically, the crowd is selecting the order in which every DJ Will play. Every DJ slot cannot be more than 1hr and 30 mins. After this period of time, the button will be reactivated for the crowd to select what’s next.

 “The whole idea of concept started from the desire to  find a way in which the public can be part of the event itself and affect the way is  going to happen, not just enjoy it. The moments spent here will transform to a memorable experience  hard to be equaled” , said Gabi Toth, the manager of the project.

How to attend

The event takes place in Bucharest on 23rd September 2017 at Arenele Romane.  Tickets are available at:

Also, keep an eye on Deep House Bucharest Facebook page for the next days, as we will have a nice contest in which you can win invitations to the event!

More details about our first Russian roulette event can be found on Russian roulette Romanian’s  Facebook page:

More on the DJs can be found here:

– Umek (Slovenia):

– Prok & Fitch (UK):

– Adrian Hour (Argentina):

– David Keno (Elvetia):

– David Herrero (Spania):