Lorna James Reveals 2023’s Musical Highlights: From Her Favorite Tracks, to Unexpected Inspirations

In this exclusive interview with composer, pianist, and Electronic music producer Lorna James, we delve into her creative journey of 2023. From her favorite track ‘The Last Sunrise,’ to memorable fan interactions, unexpected sources of inspiration, and new collaborations, Lorna shares insights into her musical journey in the past months. 

Let’s dive in and learn more about Lorna James’ experiences in 2023. 

What was your favorite track or release of your own from 2023, and why? 

I think it has to be ‘The Last Sunrise’. It’s an Ambient track from my forthcoming album inspired by the feeling at the end of a holiday, somewhere warm, when you’ve had an amazing experience and it’s now time to go home.  

Name one festival or event you performed at, or attended in 2023 that left you in awe of the crowd’s energy.  

I really loved Wildwood this year, it’s an amazing party every year, but this crowd was really energetic and up for dancing. 

Which collaboration with another artist in 2023 stands out as a personal highlight? 

I collaborated with Andy Galea aka Sol Brothers on a track called ‘Want You 2 Stay,’ which was released through Grind City Recordings. It’s a really feel-good energetic House track with piano and a catchy vocal, which was loved by DJs around the world. It was also really good fun! 

Can you share a memorable moment from a fan interaction or message you received in the past year?  

I had a beautiful message on social media from someone a few weeks ago, who had said that they listened to my track ‘Never Give Up’ every morning on the way to work as it gave them so much motivation. That epitomizes what I set out to achieve with my music really; I want people to feel changed for the better.  

What’s the most played song in your personal music library from 2023 that wasn’t your own?  

I am obsessed with a lot of tracks by Modera (and they know it, because I have fan-girled them on Insta).  

Tell us about a unique or unexpected source of inspiration that fueled your creativity in 2023. 

I have experimented this year with all sorts of music, and set out to make a Chill Hop track for a friend. In that process, I discovered a love and fascination with the Indian Sitar, which became my Ambient track ‘Ancestral Journey’. So, you’ll hear a lot of it in my current and Future Ambient and Dance tracks. 

Name one piece of gear or software you couldn’t live without in the studio last year.  

My engineer! He won’t mind being called a ‘piece of gear.’ 

Share a favorite memory from a behind-the-scenes moment while touring or producing in 2023.  

While in the studio working on ‘The Escape’, which will be on my Dance album next year, we accidentally reversed a midi file of some descending piano keys, which wasn’t what was intended, but unexpectedly sounded great, so we put it in the song! 

What’s the most meaningful lesson or takeaway you gained from your experiences in the music industry last year?  

To carve out your own identity and sound, and not to be afraid to be different. 

If you could sum up the essence of your musical journey in 2023 in just three words, what would they be?  

Anticipating world domination? But seriously – Never Give Up, which is also a shameless plug of course. 

We finish this interview thanking Lorna James for her time sharing her reflections on the past year, a journey packed with new collaborations, experimentation and passion for Electronic music, she now embarks in a new year that promises to see her releasing fresh new tracks and projects with her fans and lovers of Electronic music. We wish her the best in her new endeavors and make sure to follow her on social media to learn more about her upcoming releases. 

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