Lello Fusco features on new 18 track organic house compilation, “Badarchin, Vol. 8”

Baikal Nomads

Baikal Nomads presents an impressive organic house compilation, Badarchin, Vol. 8 collects 18 tracks from 9 different countries. It is full of scorching hot vibes perfect for the summer festival season, and there really is something for everyone.

Fans of organic house will likely need little introduction to Baikal Nomads, as the imprint has helped launch numerous artists careers, and it is a record label not scared to experiment or push new sounds.

Lots of the artists who feature on this release will already be known to Baikal Nomads fans, as they have featured on the label in the past, but amongst the many artists contributing tracks there is label debuts from Dragon House, Makossa (IT), Borowsky, Böle, Savanna & Sainz, Jocan Deca & Samuel Wexler, Yodh, Alacran del Amor and Javali.

This is an eclectic release featuring trippy downtempo cuts, such as the compilation’s opening track “Sunrise in Tulum” by m.age.project. There are also more traditional mid-tempo organic house tracks such as “Dharamshala” by DJ Shaman.

Some of the standout tracks include the ethereal atmosphere and flowing percussion of “The Beat of the Native Flute” by Lello Fusco. “Celtic Stars” is a collaborative track by Jocan Deka and Samuel Wexler, which combines acid synths with compelling violin strings from Celtic culture.

This really is a release full of gems, and for those willing to invest the time into giving it a listen in full, it is impossible not to find something special.

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