Jacob Colon’s 2023 Musical Journey: Reflections, Inspiration, and Favorite Tracks

Join us for an exclusive interview with skillful DJ and music Producer Jacob Colon as he reflects on his musical journey in 2023. Known for his blend of House music with elements from Afro and Latin House, he shares important moments for him in the past months; from favorite tracks to memorable fan interactions and unexpected sources of inspiration, Jacob shares insights into his experiences and growth in the Electronic music industry.  

What was your favorite track or release of your own from 2023, and why? 

One of my favorite releases was my latest one off my label Made to Move Records titled “Show You How It Go”. I spent a lot of time browsing the web trying to get a vocal to bring the song together, but ultimately had to record my own vocals to finish the record. This was my first time doing something like this and I feel it came out well.  

A favorite track of mine besides my own is ‘Parcera’ by Gordo and Maluma. I really like the merge of Latin artists and House music. These collaborations lead the industry to inspire other producers to think outside of what is considered normal. We have a lot of commercial artists expanding into underground music.  

Name one festival or event you performed at, or attended in 2023 that left you in awe of the crowd’s energy. 

The best parties for me were during the summer in Brooklyn.  

Which collaboration with another artist in 2023 stands out as a personal highlight? 

I put out a record with an artist from Venezuela. This track was completely out of my comfort zone, but was an overall great experience for me mentally. This song had a Reggaeton vibe but with a twist of Cumbia.  

Can you share a memorable moment from a fan interaction or message you received in the past year? 

I was down in Miami for a gathering with some friends, and was approached by someone at club Space who is a fan on my radio show “Made to Move Radio”. When I walked past him, he recognized me and gave me some words of encouragement.  

What’s the most played song in your personal music library from 2023 that wasn’t your own? 

‘She Will’ by Drake and Lil Wayne. The sound selection in this track is phenomenal. 

Tell us about a unique or unexpected source of inspiration that fueled your creativity in 2023. 

I would say an unexpected source would be the books I’ve been reading. I read a couple books relating to the topic of self-growth which I’ve related to my music career. I feel like it helps give me clarity when I approach my tracks or even the way I listen to music.  

Name one piece of gear or software you couldn’t live without in the studio last year. 

Waves plug-in bundles. I use these to mix my music.  

Native Instruments Komplete or Roland. I use these software instruments in my productions.  

Share a favorite memory from a behind-the-scenes moment while touring or producing in 2023. 

I moved into a new apartment this year and redesigned my studio. It’s actually not even done yet, but I have my essential stuff hooked up and it looks really good. There’s something about having a nice atmosphere to create in that stirs up ideas.  

What’s the most meaningful lesson or takeaway you gained from your experiences in the music industry last year? 

When you have an idea, get it down as quick as possible (not rushing of course). Revisiting an idea days later helps reorganize your thoughts. The main objective though is to work on grabbing inspiration rather than just ideas for songs. Inspiration is the foundation for mental and physical progress. The clearer you can keep your mind the more your music can engage with your source of inspiration.  

If you could sum up the essence of your musical journey in 2023 in just three words, what would they be? 

 Discovery, Willingness, Clarity. 
Thanks, Jacob, for your time talking with us and sharing an insightful look into your 2023, we anticipate more releases and milestones to come in the new year, and can’t wait to hear what’s in store. Don’t forget to follow Jacob Colon across social media, as his musical journey promises more powerful music and unmissable episodes of his radio show to come in 2024. 

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