Driven by passion, ambition & perseverance, Prove Them Wrong is a young dj & producer from the new wave of underground music. Born and raised in Deva, a small town in Romania, he was always attracted to the underground music scene, starting dj-ing when only 15 years old at a local club from his hometown and in no time at all he worked his way to the top clubs of Romania, playing among some of the most highly profiled djs in the industry. With an experience of over 7 years as a dj, he always knows how to make the crowd move, scream and dance their shoes off all night long with a perfect mixture of deep, nu-disco and a bit of tehno sound that in his opinion results in the perfect vibe.

For Vertigo passion for music beggins in the early of 96′ when he started listening to the radio frequently. A lot of question started to rise, most of them about the producing side of the business. From that moment on, he was heavily enchanted the nature of music and its mysteries. Then, when he had his first computer, Vertigo started to study different genres as well as fresh, mainly underground artists. Step by step, the man quicly learnt the secrets of every music genre, along with their specific philosophy and was determined to craft his own collection of vynils and CDs. Accumulating so much knowledge and a strong music database, taking the step into DJ-ing only came natural to him.  VERTIGO plays Deep & Progressive House and all of that in a blend with ethereal techno accents.



Guys, how did your love affair with the electronic music business start?

PTW: Well, I know it’s a cliché, but it all started when I was little, I used to listen to my mom play the piano a lot plus she used to listen to Jean Michel Jarre, so I guess that’s when it all started, but professionally and consciously I started my love affair with electronic underground music at the age of 16 years old.

Vertigo: I was fascinated by music at a very early age. This was largely due to my parents, my father who listened to old italian music and my mother, who had a somewhat electronic taste in music, listening from rock & folk to disco and funk music of 70’s & 80’s.

It all started in the 4th grade of primary school when I gained interest in listening music at radio and at the age of 13 my parents bought me a brand new computer and a big professional organ and from that point I can say that everything shaped out into what I am today, artistically speaking.


How did you end up working as a duo? Can you pinpoint the moment you realize it’s a music match for you two?

We actually teamed up at the end of 2014, I believe the story is very common to most of the duo projects out there in the space 🙂

We just clicked from the beginning when we started to talk about music, share our passion for producing it and after we changed some feedback on both of our productions at that time we realized that we think very alike and should fusion our ideas into something big.


Some djs have different producing styles as opposed to what they play behind the decks. Is that the case for you? Do you consider it’s better to produce what you would eventually play in front of an audience or it just doesn’t matter at all?

Of course it’s important to produce what you eventually play, I mean what good is it to produce for example trance if you play d’n’b? Maybe once in a while if you feel down & blue or just wanna try something different you can go for it I guess.


What are the main elements you look for when building a set?

In our opinion everything is spinning around energy, good vibrating & moody elements to reveal crowd’s feelings on the floor.


How do you see Romanian house music scene in the future? What about now?

PTW: I guess it’s pretty good at the moment, comparing it to other European countries we are at the top of the list when it comes to the line-ups, festivals etc. and I can only see it go better & better.

Vertigo: Everything seems to be shaping very well in the last few years in our country and even now the scene is in continuous movement and progress. Let’s hope for that bright future though.


Where do you find inspiration? Do you have a routine or you just wait for it to come?

PTW: My inspiration? I don’t know, old celtic & Nordic music I guess. They have really nice instrumental and vocal elements that combine in the right way with todays electronic music results in really great and memorable tracks. And about the routine, not quite, I always do music when the inspiration hits 

Vertigo: Is just flowing through my veins brother, 24/7 I’m inspired by everything around me.


If you’ve been given enough money to build your ideal line-up for a party, what would that be?

PTW: You kiddin’ right now? That would be a long looong line-up, but I’m only gonna name a few: Soul Button, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J, John Digweed, Solomun.

Vertigo: :)) Some of the Steyoyoke heroes for sure, John Digweed, Tale of Us, Adriatique, Gardens of God.


If you would have to pick just 5 tracks to listen to for the rest of your life which would those be?

One for the ages: Bedrock – Emerald (BOg Remix)

Marcus Meinhardt – Felecity (Dahu Remix)

The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony

Satin Jackets – You Make Me Feel Good

Lovebirds – Want You In My Soul ft. Stee Downes (Original Mix)


Let’s say you have the ability to go back in time just once. Where and when will you end up and what would you try to change for the future?

We’re not fans of time traveling, we wouldn’t change a thing to our lives, but for a proper response to a question like this, we would have been teamed up many years ago.


Each and everyone of us have favorite venues to play in or just…have fun and listen to good music. If a total stranger would ask you for the best clubs to attend in Romania, what would you recommend him?

MNAC, Kristal Club, Club Midi, Studio Martin & Kudos Beach