We now live in a digital era, a time of many tasks and little time, where automation and mobility is vital for being productive. The same goes for music industry and its creative process. In 1988 Apple introduced their MAC products to musicians as a new way of making music, using a new technology called MIDI.

(Apple introducing in 1988 the MIDI technology)

Apple continued their love affair with the music industry throughout the years, up to a point when even the iPhone can be nowadays successfully used as a creative tool.

(Paul Kalkbrenner in “Berlin Calling” recording ambient sound with his iPhone and loading it into a sampler in Ableton)

Of course, the AppStore now contains numerous apps that help musicians or DJs be more productive or inspired. One of them is Igor Vasiliev, creator of iOS music apps such as AudioMastering, AltiSpace, MasterFX or Master Record, which most of the reviewers considering them excellent in terms of performance and value form money.

The newest app release from Igor is called FieldScaper and it is described as an ‘advanced field recorder combined with sound warp engine with a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone’ by its creator. Also, that the main purpose of FieldScaper is to shorten the way from recording samples to creating ‘spectacular soundscapes’.

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The FieldScaper consists of two main parts. The first part is the field recorder with special options for different ways of record environmental sound from microphone or record other sound sources. The second part is the scaper sound engine that with using dynamic presets can easily transform the most ordinary samples into something absolutely different. These parts connect with each other into one whole but you can use recorder or scaper separately.

The scaper sound engine contains three sample-based oscillators each with filters, delay, distortion and spatial mixer. The most of parameters can be assigned on individual low-frequency oscillators. With using the “Main effect” fader you can control several these parameters in different ranges. These features give you the abilty to create continuously changing, breaking and glitching sound forms and loop-based effects from ordinary samples of synths, guitars, voices or everyday sounds of the environment.

FieldScaper supports complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and many buttons. You can change the parameters of oscillators, filters, delays and mixer by using any external MIDI controller or MIDI apps like sequencers. With the MIDI controllers this app becomes very comfortable to use at live performance.
Field recorder:

● Loop based mode for recording and processing in real-time.
● Auto start record when input signal appears.
● Auto stop record when silence or by time.
● Record timer in seconds or measures.
● Monitoring input signal with different modes.
● Automatic gain control of input signal.
● Predefined filters for input.
● Noise gate on the input.

Scaper sound engine:

● Three sample-based oscillators with complete processing.
● Low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters with resonance.
● Two range delay with smooth time change and additional modes.
● Spatial mixer/reverb with side and distance.
● Wide range of oscillator clock speed change with reverse.
● Distortion effect based on masking sample address (like circuit bending).
● Distortion effect consisting of lofi, overload, noise and ring modulation.
● Individual LFO for variable parameters of oscillators and filters.
● The “Main effect” function for control several parameters simultaneously.
● Presets for save all parameters of oscillator and filters.

Additional features:

● Predefined presets with wide range of effects.
● Convenient file manager with groups of files by name or date.
● Complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and other modes.
● Possibility to download additional samples in different audio formats.
● Uploading samples thru Web access, clipboard, from another app and iTunes.
● Different color schemes available for the user interface.
● Detailed application description.
● Supports Audiobus with “State Saving” feature.
● Inter-App audio compatible.

(FieldScaper overview)

FieldScaper app price is listed right now in the AppStore at 5.99 EURO.