Exploring Sander Wilder’s Production Secrets and Studio Setup in an Exclusive Interview

Sander Wilder is taking the Electronic Music world by storm, showcasing a unique creativity that consistently spotlights his stellar talents and innovative artistry. As he remains driven by his love and passion for the genre, Sander Wilder continues to express his originality through hard-hitting productions and monthly episodes of his show, ‘Global Feelings’; fast establishing himself as a must-watch talent, Sander Wilder is gaining a reputation that is sure to see him climb the list of skilled Producers and DJs currently on the scene. 

In this interview, Sander Wilder sits down to discuss his approach to music production, giving us a glimpse into his studio set-up and production techniques. So, join us as we delve into the technical processes behind Sander Wilder’s powerful signature sound. 

Hi Sander Wilder, how are you? 

Hi there, I’m quite well – thank you for asking! 

Can you tell us about your studio, what’s your setup like? 

My basic hardware setup is based on a pair of JBL 305 monitors, AKG – K702 headphones, a Focusrite Audio Interface & NI Komplete Kontrol 61 Keyboard, all connected to a Mac Ecosystem. 

Which DAW do you use the most? Do you always use the same? 

I’m more into Logic Pro X, but I still use Ableton Live as well (I’ve been almost 10 years on Ableton Live before). 

Can you remember the first piece of equipment you bought? And what’s been the studio’s most recent addition?  

AKG K-240 MK II – awesome headphones and still fully functional. The most recent addition is Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol s61.  

Do you have a favourite spot in the studio where you always feel inspired? 

Somewhere with a good visibility outside, right by the window. 

Can you share any particularly memorable moments of a time when you were working in the studio? 

Being so often involved in the production process, it’s hard to point out one moment. 

Do you have any favourite plugins?  

As synths, Serum and Spire are the top ones for me right now. IZotope Neutron is a good addition to my workflow and for the effects, EchoBoy is a very nice addition for Echo/Delay with a warm character, ValhallaRoom Reverb is also a very good one. The list goes on but I’ve pointed out my most-used as of recently. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting in their production journey? Are there any pieces of equipment that you would say are essential? 

The most important lesson is that learning never ends and it’s normal to experience ups and downs but, the most important thing, if you really love music and want to expand your journey, is to not give up and remain active and curious.  

Also, a pair of professional mixing headphones and a good audio interface are essentials to begin with. 

Can you tell us about your usual workflow when producing a track? What’s the process like? 

I don’t have a strictly defined path. Sometimes I just make an initial drumbeat/loop with some additional instruments, sometimes I’m just playing around with a controller keyboard and some solo acoustic piano riffs and at some point, something triggers a potential starting idea and that’s how the track begins.  

If everything is in place, I try to make a complete initial structure and from this point, I decide if the idea is worth being structured into a full production. If I’m going further with the core idea, the process is more connected; as I start to add new layers and effects, I start to be more involved in the mixing stage and I’m trying to establish, even from the beginning, a good volume balance between channels, somehow at this stage, the creative part is blending with technical/mixing stage and even an initial master chain(switching on/off), to be able to compare how final dynamic processing is affecting the entire mix. I work in this direction until I feel that I’m close to the final material. At this point, I decide if the track is in the right place and if I’m ready to show it to the world. 

What’s your favourite piece of gear that you own?  

Each one has its own purpose but right now Komplete Kontrol s61 is my favorite one, a very fresh addition to the studio. 

We wrap up this interview by thanking Sander Wilder for his time and for allowing us insight into his production approach, taking us through some of his favourite equipment and usual workflow practices. With his knowledge and skillset enabling him to create thrilling sonic experiences with each release, Sander Wilder is surely a high-quality talent on the scene and one to keep up-to-date with by following across social media. 

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