Erhan Yilmaz releases stunning new organic house EP, ‘Freeze’

Erhan Yilmaz

Erhan Yilmaz is an organic house producer from Turkey whose new release is an EP on Baikal Nomads, which features two of his original tracks plus some impressive remixes.

This is the second time that Erhan Yilmaz has featured on Baikal Nomads, and his music can also be heard on other imprints such as trndmsk, Cosmic Awakenings and Kosa. His influences range from folk music to disco, which can be heard in his mix of upbeat percussion and use of organic sounds.

The remixes on this release come from Lello Fusco, Zuma Dionys, Kolomin and Wākhan. Lello Fusco and Zuma Dionys have both worked with Baikal Nomads in the past, and all of the artists boast releases on other noteworthy organic house labels such as Camel Riders, Sol Selectas, Underyourskin and Copy Cow.

Freeze” is the EP’s title track and it opens the release with sweeping pads and trippy acid that intertwines with the upbeat percussion rhythms that despite its slow tempo fill the track with a dancefloor orientated energy. “W Street” is the second of the two original tracks and it’s got laid-back guitar chords and a warbling lead synth.

The “W Street” remix by Lello Fusco includes a live conga loop and brand-new synth notes that build suspense as the dramatic remake progresses.

Zuma Dionys’ remix of “Freeze” adds a tropic feel to the original with his addition of South American pan pipes and extra percussion that lift the energy and add heat to his rework.

A cinematic mood is created by Kolomin’s reworking of “W Street” as they add melodic bass chords and synthesised strings to create a sense of foreboding tranquillity.

Wākhan wraps up the release with a hallucinatory remix of “Freeze” that enhances the original’s hazy beat with ethereal soundscapes and mind-bending sounds.

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