Interview and Podcast with Eran Aviner


orn in Antwerp in 1982, Eran soon discovered his sense of rhythm and passion for sound. One sweet day, the cherished dream of creating his own music and becoming a DJ came true. Inspired by the vibes of past and contemporary electronic music, he started mixing emotive melodies with a contemporary beat. Urged by a strong desire to develop his own DJ style, he soon discovered his path into the kingdom of sound.

If there is a God, he’s likely to be a DJ …… because absolutely nothing compares to music. This language, whose universal vibes canbe understood by anybody, connects people around the globe. Great tunes turn strangers into friends.




  • How did you start in the electronic music business? What was the moment when you fully realized your potential?

I started listening to electronic music when I was about 16 years old so 17years ago and it caught my attention pretty much immediately. I was lucky to be surrounded by friends at that time who had a very good taste in music and introduced me to Global Underground, Renaissance and Northern Exposure compilations by Digweed, Sasha, Cattaneo, Warren, Seaman, Holden, Burridge etc.

I really got hooked to the melodic side of house and techno and especially to the way the mixes were put together, the progression of it all. I started loving it so much that I decided that I want to be part of it. I never really knew what my potential would or would not be but I promised myself at least to give it a try. I always believe that when you do something you really love you can’t really be that bad at it. Once I got started I never really thought of stopping.


I always wanted to learn new things and get better at it.


  • How do you manage to stay motivated in this electronic music industry?

I am continuously looking for new music. I love that part of the creative process. The “hunt” is one of the things that keeps me motivated. I spend hours every day looking for new tracks and discovering new artists that inspire me in their own way. I am also very fortunate to be surrounded by good friends who are doing the same thing and we continuously exchange music, make music and push each other to become better at this and as human beings.



  • We believe that house music business heavily shifted its focus from DJ-ing skills to studio ones and charisma. How do you balance those attributes in order to be a complete ‘player’ on this field?

When I started Djing there were no laptops and Cd’s, only vinyls. Playing on Vinyl requires a certain skill. You really had to know how to beat match and how to play on vinyl. It took me a long time and a lot of practice at home before I did my first gigs. The producers at that time where mostly only producers, making music but not necessarily playing it. There was a difference between both. Today with the help of computers anybody can start playing. You don’t need to know much or have a certain skill. A lot of good producers are considered “good” djs today but that’s for me not always right. I know a few producers that are considered good djs only because they make good music but personally speaking I find their sets very “safe” and somewhat boring. I consider myself to be a dj in the first place and then a producer. I enjoy making music but I much more enjoy being in front of a crowd and playing the music. The feeling that gives me is unrivalled.


What are your plans for this year? Do you have time for a visit in Romania? 

One thing is for sure, I am very excited to come and play in Romania for you guys in a few weeks’ time. I heard so many good things about the great vibes in the Romanian nightlife and after witnessing the atmosphere at Sunwaves festival a few years ago, im really looking forward to it!

A part of that I have some really nice gigs coming up in the next few months. I am playing with John Digweed next week here in Antwerp together with BP. I have few nice festivals im playing at in the summer like Extrema Outdoor and Wecandance.

There are a few other cool dates but they still need confirmation so can’t say too much about them yet.



  • We know you have a concert tour named ‘Edge’ in Antwerp. Can you tell us a bit about its history and how it all began?

EDGE is my little baby. I started it together with my very close friend and partner now Dave Schamisso. We have been running EDGE for 2 years now and it has been an amazing adventure. We were lucky enough to book such artists as: Guy J, John Digweed, Lee Burridge, Stephan Bodzin, Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur to name a few. We were both a little bit bored of the scene here in Antwerp with the same names being booked at the same parties and there were a lot of great artists which we thought were being looked over. I was also looking for a solid base where I could share my passion with likeminded people and play on a more regular basis. I wanted to improve as an artist and as a person and we wanted to create something that was ours. We were very lucky to have been received with open arms and I must admit that we got some really nice support both from the people attending our events as well as the artists we booked. Some of them even became really good friends. Next up we have Nick Warren in April and in May Guy J returns as well. Im really looking forward to it!



  • We know that you’ll gonna have a big party at EDGE on 27th March with papa Digweed. Are you nervous? What track do you want to hear from him?

Actually its not an EDGE event, its Digweed’s re:structured tour at a club called Ampere. Both BP and myself are playing B2B at the event so EDGE is more part of it through a spiritual and musical way. Last year we had the pleasure of having him play at our party of the first anniversary of EDGE. That will remain in my heart for the rest of my life so you can imagine I am looking forward to next week!

Digweed has been one of my idols and sources of inspiration while growing up so it’s a big honor to share the decks with this legend!

  • We are also at the beginning of our project. Can we pick your brain for some valuable advice?

You have to believe 110% in it even when the going gets tough. When you look at it from the outside it looks as if we are having a fairly easy ride and that everything is going smoothly. That’s not quite true. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome and you need to remain focused on the goals you set out to achieve.

Make sure you are surrounded by the right people and that everybody involved in the project is on the same page. Learn from your mistakes and don’t let them beat you down. The most important thing is, KEEP IT FUN!



  • Have you ever cried when hearing really great music?

I am quite an emotional person and I play quite emotional music. Music tends to move me and set me in a certain mood. I remember one night I was going through some tough times and thinking about a lot of stuff. I was listening to some music and at that moment I was getting a feeling of sadness which almost got me crying. I can’t even explain it to be honest.


  • Do you have some crazy dance moves for when no one is looking?

I am a pretty bad dancer to be honest so any dance move I make will probably look crazy to others, haha!


  • If you dont know the words to a song do you improvise?

Yes and I actually convince myself that i’m singing the right lyrics.

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