Diogo Strausz prepares his “Samba From Outer Space” and his European Tour

Diogo Strausz prepares his new recoerd “Samba From Outer Space” on Goutte d’Or Record, just as he packs his bag to embark upon his 2024 european tour. We sat down to ask him about his music and the upcoming tour.

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After capturing the attention of audiences, DJs worldwide and the media with the brilliant “Flight Of Sagittarius” Brazilian Diogo Strausz, signed to Parisian label Goutte d’Or Records, presents : Samba From Outer Space

This second opus takes us on a journey through time and style, from jazz-funk to dance music and Afrobeat, invoking masters such as Caetano Veloso, Giorgio Moroder or Tony Allen.

“This idea of “Samba From Outer Space” comes from dance music being a universal language beyond electronic but mainly a form of gathering people together in the same frequency.” says Diogo. We could summarize everything in “Electronic dance music is nothing but samba from outer space”

Artist Quote – “Diogo Strausz continues his journey through different styles, mixing his Brazilian origins with a variety of influences such as Afrobeat and Giorgio Moroder-era disco on this contagiously groovy album. For lovers of Nu Genea, Guts or Reuben Vaun Smith”

Our Short QA with Diogo Strausz

Diogo, ‘Samba From Outer Space’ is a captivating title that suggests a fusion of traditional and futuristic sounds. Can you share the moment of inspiration that led to this cosmic concept?

Thanks! It came exactly from the fusion you suggested in the question. Everyday life in Brazil always makes me wonder about how much tradition I want to preserve in my work and how much risk I should take.

 Your work often weaves together a rich tapestry of genres and influences. In creating this record, how did you approach the challenge of blending disparate elements to create a cohesive sound? Were there any unexpected discoveries or collaborations that shaped the album’s direction?

The turning point for all of my tracks is when I invite over musicians to record, as they always bring something new and unexpected. I found out that as long as I keep the music “danceable” it always sounds coherent. On this record, the track ‘La Forme D’un Grand Coeur’ was the only one that gave me some trouble when trying to blend the live percussion and electronic elements. Luckily I had the help from my friend Yuksek, who shaped the drum sound in a different way and suddenly everything made sense.

Each track in an album tells part of a larger story. Could you share a glimpse into the narrative or themes that ‘Samba From Outer Space’ explores? How does this album’s story reflect your personal journey or broader cultural messages?

For a moment, if you stop thinking of dance music as a musical genre. And instead, think of it as music that gathers people to connect through dancing.

It becomes clear that many genres before were already dance music and “Samba” is just one of them.

For me to be able to bring elements of my culture into dance music is a way of sending a love message. By saying ‘hey I know sometimes it feels like we are all so different, but maybe we aren’t afterall’.

Artists have unique rituals or environments that spark their creativity. What does your creative process look like when composing new music, especially for this album? Are there specific environments, routines, or states of mind that you find most conducive to creativity?

I love leaving voice memos on my phone to trigger new ideas in the future. Another moment that sparks a lot of excitement and creativity for me is when I bring in other musicians and they bring their point of view. Now that I have a good recording studio I’ve been able to do this more often and more freely, it’s magical.  

As you prepare for your European tour, coming from South America, how do you anticipate the cultural exchange and interactions with diverse audiences will influence your performances? Is there a particular message or experience you hope to share with your international fans?”

I’ve been touring Europe quite often and people always connect with the show. All I can hope is to make more and more of these.

Every album marks a chapter in an artist’s life. As you reflect on the journey of creating ‘Samba From Outer Space’ and look towards your European tour, what are your personal aspirations for this new phase?

To keep always doing it and to bring this music to new places. I’m happy to repeat these new chapters as many times as needed. 



23/03 · ARECHE (74)

04/04 · LE POULPE – REIGNIER (74)



11/04 · PATTERNS – BRIGHTON (UK) (+ Voilaaa)

12/04 · JAM BAR – BRISTOL (UK) (+ Voilaaa)

13/04 · HOOTANNANY – LONDRES (UK) (+ Voilaaa)


20/04 · LE FRIGO (PANDA 06) – NICE (06)

23/04 · LE 89 – NARBONNE (11)


26/04 · LE DANCING – SETE (34)

27/04 · LA MOBA – BAGNOLS SUR CEZE (30) 

02/05 · LE JOKERS – ANGERS (49) 

03/05 · LE SACRE – PARIS (75) (+ Voilaaa)

05/05 · Gretchen – Berlin (ALL)