Sadly, summer is almost over, party people. Fall is coming toward us and the outdoor parties are slowly drifting away. Yet, we had a busy summer with fantastic house music energy in Romania.

We’ve been at Airfield Festival, in a superb countryside setting around an aerodrome near Sibiu, where we saw AME, Mano Le Tough, Dixon, DJ KOZE, RECONDITE, M.A.N.D.Y, GUS GUS and many others. Then, we went to the seaside to see heavy guns like Digweed, Guy J, Richie Hawtin or Audiofly.

It has been some amazing trip. We’re extremely sorry to miss out on Untold Festival and Electric Castle, but, you can’t have it all. Now, we embark on a new journey, one that will take us to the last three-day party, this time in the mountains of Prahova Valley, in beautiful Busteni.

A new-born festival is having its debut here: CantaCuzino Frequencies (28-30 of August). As you can see from the pictures below, the parties will take place in the wonderful Castle of Cantacuzino.

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The castle, built in neoromanian style, is surrounded by a park who’s alleys take you to the grotto, cascades and fountains. Having a great architectonic, historic and artistic value, it was built and inaugurated in 1911 at the wish of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (also known as “the Nabob”- prime minister of Romania between 1899-1900 and 1904-1907).

Line up

₰ Nick Warren


₰ Guy Mantzur


₰ My Favorite Robot


₰ NickoIzzo


₰ Marc Poppcke


₰ SoulButton


₰ Cid Inc


₰ Nick Devon


₰ Darin Epsilon


₰ Marcelo Vasami


₰ Wannas


₰ Disco Duro


₰ BOg


₰ Mahony


₰ Punu


₰ Alex & Mircea Babescu


₰ Nocturno & Audiopulse


₰ Livia Andrei


₰ Mano

₰ Victor Stancov


₰ Marika


₰ Alex Preda


₰ Oscar


₰ Marius Ene


₰ Alex Pentu


₰ Axel


₰ Alexandru Jijian


₰ zece


₰ Urban Chameleon


₰ Adi Dumitra


₰ Snatt





















During the festival the visitors may choose to visit the inside of this edifice, where they can admire the Salvador Dali exhibition called “Inside my brain”, one that really gives life to the romantic ambience of the interior. For the expo, charges are additional to the price of the ticket.