Betelgeize Drops New Album “El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro”


Out now, is a stunning album from Betelgeize who presents an organic house album that has a psychedelic concept underpinning the music.

Titled “El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro” the album’s seven tracks culminate to help tell a magical story of a mystical tribe and their encounter with an evil dragon. The story is captured within the dramatic percussion and changing mood of the tracks, which range from Afro house to downtempo/electronica.

This impressive release comes via Betelgeize’s own record label It’s Good To Be A Tree, which he has frequented in the past, but also worked with other labels including the likes of Leveldva, Exotic Refreshment LTD and Serafin Audio.

Capítulo I” is the opening track on the release, and it features the vocals of African singer IKVA. The album’s story focuses on a tribe member called The Luminous Falcon, and in “Capítulo II“, a local shaman shares an ominous vision of an evil dragon.

Capítulo III” is the impressive introduction of the dragon, and “Capítulo IV” starts with a soothing mood but builds with thrilling tension, as the tribe becomes aware of the dragon abducting The Luminous Falcon. “Capítulo V” represents The Luminous Falcon making an attempt to escape from the dragon, and “Capítulo IV” builds in intensity as escaping from the dragon gets more tense. “Capítulo VII” closes out the release with an upbeat vibe to represent The Luminous Falcon’s successful escape and joyous return home.

There is a strong storyline running through this release, but there are no silly sound effects or narrating voices to detract from the music, which is actually very serious and dance floor friendly.

The story adds an imaginary element for home listening, and this is a sincere release that we strongly recommend to all organic house and Afro house fans.

Get the album here.