Amir Telem drops new EP, “Govinda Bawa”

Amir Telem

Amir Telem is a melodic house artist from America whose new release, Govinda Bawa comes via the highly respected record label, Earthly Delights.

Earthly Delights is primarily an organic house record label, and Amir Telem has an eclectic style that covers a full range of melodic styles. This particular release fuses Afro house beats with melodic synth lines and deep atmosphere.

This is the first time that Amir Telem has worked with Earthly Delights, but his catalogue already includes music on other respected outlets such as Bar 25, 3000 Grad Records, Pipe & Pochet, Harabe, Mango Alley and Rebirth.

The release’s title track, “Govinda Bawa” opens the EP with powerful congas, and a complementary bassline with juddering stabs that add to the flow of the percussion. Soothing vocals fill the track with emotive tones, which are augmented by a dazzling array of melody sounds ranging from pan pipes to synthesised trumpets.

“Jharikhanda Forest” presumably takes its title from the atmospheric rainforest sounds that give the track a tropical atmosphere. The track is signified by atmospheric chants and eerie synths, which are carried forth by flowing percussion rhythms and a throbbing bassline.

“Mohini” brings the release to a close with ominous pads underscoring wispy synth flutters, and using dramatic vocals to give the track an epic sound. There is something ceremonial about this spellbinding track, which ends with morphing acid synths adding to the trippy vibe.

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